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RE-Formation: Moon and Moths

Added on by Ellen Halloran.

I think of "reformation" as change, transformation, a state of transition and even as metamorphosis.

Materials themselves provide me with ideas. The fabrics of this work inspired me as I changed disposable cardboard packaging, something that is usually tossed without a glance or hesitation, into an object to be considered with joy and wonder. I covered it with handmade papers that contain fragments of leaves and plant fibers. The pre-cut circles in the cardboard seemed like windows through which the constantly changing moon can be seen. I thought of moths seeking light at the time of the new moon and I remembered that a friend had given me some pieces of moth cocoon, traces of a very real metamorphosis.

All of the materials here have gone through changes, have been re-formed. Trees and plants and insects have been changed into a small book that I have named "RE-Formation:Moon and Moths."

Our Saviour's Atonement Church in Washington Heights , NYC is sponsoring a Reformation-themed show opening on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

RE-Formation:Moon and Moths.jpg